New palmOne Products Sighted
German retailer BLUEHAND offers us our first glimpse of what looks to be the Tungsten E that I previously told you about.  The handheld is included in a photo depicting a new portfolio case, so it's not nearly as detailed as I'd like.  The body has the Tungsten T utilitarian look to it, which I like.  It's uncertain whether the construction is metal or plastic.  As reported earlier, the Tungsten E is rumored to have 32MB of RAM and sell in the US for $199.  Sadly, Bluetooth is presumed missing.  Still, it's good to see Palm OS5 devices finally breaking the $200 price point, which sets this up to compete directly with HP's recently released iPaq h1935.

Also on BLUEHAND is a product description for a palmOne branded 1.3MP SDIO digital camera with a rotatable lens.  The price on their site is around 86 Euros (close to $100 US).  This looks to be palmOne's answer to the upcoming HP SDIO camera.  While the price sounds good, it doesn't mean a thing to me if the pictures it takes are awful.  The Zire 71's built-in camera isn't altogether awful.  So, let's hope they haven't increased the resolution but downgraded other aspects of picture quality.  Because it's unlikely that palmOne designed either camera themselves, there's a good chance that the Zire 71's camera and this one are made by two different manufacturers.  So anything goes.
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