Coming Soon: The Palm-Powered Pocket PC?
Brighthand reports that PalmSource has recently started seeding developers with the latest version of the Palm OS, version 5.3.  With this version, PalmSource has finally added official support for a virtual Graffiti area, which they refer to as a dynamic input area.  But one of the more interesting changes is support for a 240x320 screen resolution.  This is a bit of an akward resolution for the Palm OS, which has its roots in the 160x160 resolution.  Newer devices use a pixel-doubled 320x320 resolution, with some going as high as 320x480 (with a dynamic input area).  Aside from Handera and a couple of Asian-focused manufacturers, no commercial Palm OS device has used the 240x320 resolution.  This creates some quandries for developers as this is based on a pixel width of 1.5x the "base" 160 pixel width.

On the other hand, 240x320 is the one and only screen resolution for devices based on Microsoft's Pocket PC OS.  Could this move by PalmSource be paving the way for a future OS-in-a-box "upgrade" for Pocket PC owners who may want to flash the ROM of their PDAs to use the Palm OS?  Could this have been one of PalmSource's goals in acquiring the BeOS team some time ago, who has experience with converting Windows-based desktops to run an alternate operating system?  For now, it's all just idle speculation on my part.
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